[UPDATE] LTT now supports real-time tracing

From: Karim Yaghmour (karym@opersys.com)
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 12:06:49 EST

For some time now, the Linux Trace Toolkit has enabled it's users to
trace the Linux kernel. This capability included being able to view
and analyze the collected traces.

With the latest release, LTT supports tracing the RTAI (http://www.rtai.org)
real-time linux extension. This means that you can view graphically how
the real-time core and the real-time tasks interact with Linux. This
includes analysis made on the real-time performance of tasks and their

I personally believe that this is an important step in the adoption
of Linux as a legitimate real-time/embedded platform since it provides
system designers with an easy to view representation of the dynamic
behavior of their system. This had previously been lacking for any real-
time Linux extension.

Apart from the great PR this does to real-time in Linux, I think that
RT designers all around will appreciate having this around. If nothing
else, the source is out there.

That said, I've also generalized the way LTT deals with traces. Rather
than having a single way to interpret traces, it now recognizes that
there are different trace types. Each having different ways of being
viewed and analyzed. This opens the door for other OSs than Linux to
be traced and analyzed. There is interest in the Hurd camp and the
question about BSD has been asked. If someone out there is interested
drop me an e-mail.

I'd like to thank Lineo, and more specifically Lineo ISG, for having
sponsored this work. Their help in developing this project even further
is very much appreciated.

Also, the paper I had presented at the last Usenix on LTT, how it works
and how it impacts on the traced system is now available online.

It's all on the project's web site: http://www.opersys.com/LTT



                 Karim Yaghmour
          Operating System Consultant
 (Linux kernel, real-time and distributed systems)
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