Re: hfs support for blocksize != 512

From: Roman Zippel (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 07:41:18 EST


Tony Mantler wrote:

> For those of you who would rather not have read through this entire email,
> here's the condensed version: VFS is inherintly a wrong-level API, QNX does
> it much better. Flame on. :)

VFS isn't really wrong, the problem is that it moved from an almost
single threaded API to a multithreaded API and that development isn't
complete yet. I don't really expect that fs programming becomes easier,
but it should stay sane. For example I want to protect certain state
changes properly and not that insane "check all possible states at all
possible times and before and after every change" what Al is currently
doing in ext2.

bye, Roman
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