Strange messages in my kernel log

From: Alexander V. Nikolaev (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 06:16:22 EST

I have strange messages in my kernel log (1-2 messages per day)

raid5: bug: stripe->bh_new[2], sector 477640 exists
raid5: bh 8ffd6da0, bh_new 8ffd63e0
raid5: bug: stripe->bh_new[2], sector 6677320 exists
raid5: bh aca1f060, bh_new aca1f720
raid5: bug: stripe->bh_new[1], sector 6854048 exists
raid5: bh b94c02c0, bh_new b94c0260
raid5: bug: stripe->bh_new[2], sector 6889584 exists
raid5: bh 833949c0, bh_new 83394d80

What does it mean? Can this cause data corruption? Can i fix this problem?
I use softvare RAID level 5, in kernel 2.2.16 with RH patches.

Or tell me, who mantain software raid code, and may help me solve this

Also I have second question.
        How much stable software RAID in latset 2.4.0 test series?

With best regards 
             Alexander V. Nikolaev
	System administrator of

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