Linux driver for DC10plus video capture card. V 0.5

From: Serguei Miridonov (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 19:24:15 EST

August 28, 2000.

Linux driver for Miro/Pinnacle Systems Inc. DC10plus and some DC10 cards.

Version 0.5:

Now it seems to be almost ready for 2.4 kernels.

It has minor changes and the source now can be compiled for kernels
2.2.14 and above, including 2.4 series. I've tested this v0.5 driver
with 2.2.16 and 2.4.0-test6 kernels (of course, you need to compile
modules separately for each kernel, if you wish to use the driver with
either version).

To compile and run the driver under 2.4.x kernel you need to choose
video for Linux support as well as Zoran ZR36060/ZR36067 chipset
support in kernel configuration. Actually, Zoran driver from the kernel
is not used, the support for this chipset is required only to enable
i2c-old.o module compilation.

This code is still beta. It is known to have problems with older DC10
cards equipped with ZR36057 instead of ZR36067 in newer DC10plus. When
the driver loaded into memory it can be used with lavrec -d1 command
(see lavtools description below) to capture video only once. The second
attempt will fail. DC10plus cards don't have this problem. I'm still
looking into this issue, however, if you find a solution, please, let
me know.

General information:

Driver homepage:

  This is a driver for DC10plus capture cards from Pinnacle Systems
  Inc. It also works with many old Miro DC10 cards with SAA7110A TV
  decoder and ADV7176 TV encoder (please, make sure that your card has
  these chips, otherwise the driver will not work).

  The driver is Video4Linux compliant and contains extensions to
  provide hardware support for full motion MJPEG compression and
  decompression. Since this driver is a derivative from the driver for
  Buz Iomega cards written by Dr. Rainer Johanni, they both have compatible
  API. I hope that this API will become a standard. At least, there is
  another driver, for LML33 cards, which shares the same API:

Formats supported by DC10plus driver:

  PAL/SECAM: up to 768x576 at 25 full frames per second;
  NTSC: up to 640x480 at 30 full frames per second.

  The JPEG compression ratio is adjustable, so the data rate can be
  varied from 6-7 MBytes/s down to 1-2 MBytes/s depending on the
  required image quality.

Hardware compression

  Since the card provides hardware compression, even low end machines
  can be successfully used for movie capture and playback. I've tested
  the driver with 2.2.14 kernel running on 233 MHz Pentium MMX with 64M
  RAM on 430TX motherboard and with 10GB IDE drive from Western Digital

Tested applications:

  XawTV to watch video on your computer monitor.

  kwintv the same (you might need to use option lock_norm=1, see
                the description in Changes section below).
  lavtools To record and playback AVI or Quicktime files. Note: you
                will need patched version, lavtools-1.2p2 to support new
                features of this driver. Please visit driver homepage for
                more info.

  Broadcast2000 reportedly (I didn't try that) can accept movies
                recorded by lavrec for editing and then edited movie
                can be played back by lavplay program.

  MainActor 3.53 also can accept movies recorded by lavrec for editing.

To download the driver and for other news and updates, please, visit

Good luck.

Serguei Miridonov

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