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So I've never been particular fan of threads in user space to begin
with.... and so I have a theory that the combination of folks who (a)
have good taste, (b) understand Posix threads, and (c) are psyched about
trying to bring Posix threads to Linux has been a (lamentably) small

There are those who believe that (b) removes any possibility of (a),
sort of like Dykstra's comment about exposure to goto causing permanent
brain damage making it impossible for that person to write good programs
ever again. While I really don't like threads, I don't *think* that's

Threads are an evil compromise because concurrency is a GoodThing(tm) and no
one has figured out programming paradigms to make it easy, despite 30 years
of very creative attempts.
But having good taste is not, IMO, orthogonal to understanding evil
Marty (who thinks he fits a and c but not b :)
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