Re: SCO: "thread creation is about a thousand times faster than

Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 10:20:49 EST

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 05:10:30PM +0200, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 07:34:00AM -0600, wrote:
> > Otherwise, there seems room in the POSIX spec to wriggle out of the STOP
> > requirement.
> That might be the case, but my concern is not POSIX but security, an
> orthogonal concept. Lax handling of STOP is a big security problem, even
> with the process-only model (see the many programs that suffice to survive
> KILL or SOTP for some time), and with threads it only gets easier.

You can't rely on signals timing anyway -- that is quite clear in the
spec and in the implementation. Especially on a SMP machine, STOP has
weak semantics and I don't see how to imrove it.

Victor Yodaiken 
Finite State Machine Labs: The RTLinux Company.

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