Re: SCO: "thread creation is about a thousand times faster than on

From: Horst von Brand (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 09:58:59 EST (Linus Torvalds) said:


> Linux actually has well-defined semantics for "execve()" in a thread.
> They are very simple:
> - the thread executes the execve().
> Got it? I know it's a radical idea, but hey, it makes sense to me. I
> asked myself the question "What should execve() do inside a thread?",
> and the voices in my head told me that "It should execve() the program
> it asked for, stupid".

What about PIDs and TIDs? Can't just take over the PID of the (threaded)
parent program (which goes its merry own way), can't just keep the thread
ID (It's not a thread anymore). And a new PID goes against POSIX, isn't it?

> I always follow the voices in my head. They tend to be right, most of
> the time.

Be careful. People have been commited for believing what the voices in
their heads said. ;-)

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