Re: kernel BUG [Was: Re: rm and ls don't work for large files]

From: Paul Slootman (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 07:52:01 EST

On Fri 25 Aug 2000, David S. Miller wrote:
> I think the real problem is that your version of libc is not calling
> lstat64 and is instead calling the 32-bit lstat, you need to upgrade
> glibc to get your system to take advantage of the extended lfs/64
> syscalls in the kernel.

The problem here, as I mentioned in an earlier reply before this got
crossposted to l-k, is that "our" version of libc is the one released
with debian 2.2 potato, i.e. one that's intended for use with 2.2
kernels. AFAIK 2.2 kernels don't have any lstat64.

Paul Slootman

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