Re: dontdiff has unfixable problems

From: Peter Samuelson (
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 20:11:48 EST

[Philipp Rumpf]
> so which are autogenerated files ? only those generated during the
> build process or things like drivers/char/defkeymap.c as well ?

Whatever doesn't ship in the .tar.bz2. See 'make mrproper'.

> I think it would be more important to allow building outside of the
> source directory - it seems to work reasonably well for gcc, glibc,
> and binutils, and it would solve the generated files problem nicely

Agreed. I started to hack on this awhile back. Most of it isn't very
hard -- a mere matter of duplicating the source tree topology and
putting a makefile into each build dir, with a bit of VPATH magic in
Rules.make -- but a few details with dependencies eventually drove me
up the wall and I moved on.

One interesting thing about my efforts (such as they were) is that I
got make-in-given-directory almost for free. Instead of merely copying
makefiles from srcdir to builddir, I put a standard template in each
build dir:

  SRCDIR := {fill in with script} # corresponding src dir
  TOPDIR := {fill in with script} # ../../..
  TOPSRC := {fill in with script} # what we think of as TOPDIR
  include $(TOPSRC)/.config
  include $(SRCDIR)/Makefile

or something like that.

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