CD-ROM root fs: unlocking tray before reboot (Bug ?)

From: Rene Mayrhofer (
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 04:09:32 EST

Hi all

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I am currently working on a bootable Linux firewall CD-ROM (the
Gibraltar project) and am trying to fix this bug for quite some time
The CD-ROM is the root filesystems (which works quite well) and
therefore can not get unmounted before issuing the reboot command.
However, when the reboot is done, the kernel itself does not unlock the
CD-ROM tray which I consider a bug. The CD-ROM drive stays locked until
it is reset by the mainboard BIOS (in case of an ATAPI drive) or the
SCSI BIOS. This is annoying because it is impossible to switch CD-ROMs
during reboot (the reset typically occurs only a few seconds before
booting from CD-ROM starts).

Now my question: How can I force the kernel to unlock the CD-ROM tray
before reboot is called ?
'setcd -l0' does not work with kernel 2.2.16, the CD-ROM tray stays
locked (it is mounted as the root filesystem).

thanks in advance,
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