Re: BUG/PATCH: include/asm-*/fcntl.h

From: Bernd Kischnick (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 07:32:22 EST

I just wrote:
> > Albert D. Calahan writes:
[ alignment problems with struct flock64 ]
> >
> I didn't invent the definition for struct flock64.
> The definition is in the test7-patch, and it's identical in
> include/asm-i386/fcntl.h and in include/asm-sparc/fcntl.h

And in include/asm-sparc64/fcntl.h, we have

struct flock {
        short l_type;
        short l_whence;
        off_t l_start;
        off_t l_len;
        pid_t l_pid;
        short __unused;
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#define flock64 flock

This definition for flock64 was also introduced in the test7-patch.
I reused it for the ia64-architecture fcntl.h in my patch.
On a 64 bit plattform there most probably are alignment problems with the


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