Problem booting 2.4.0-test6

From: Dennis Wetzig (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 11:36:01 EST


        I have a problem booting my 586 system on 2.4.0-test6.

In the bootup process it is stuck after printing the "Freeing unused kernel
memory..."-message. The system just stops.

I tried to track down the problem a bit more and it looks that in init/main.c in
the function init() it is stuck in the area of opening /dev/console.

I put printk's right before and right after this block:

         if (open("/dev/console", O_RDWR, 0) < 0)
                printk("Warning: unable to open an initial console.\n");

And the last one that seems to be executed in the boot procedure is the one
right before the console opening.

Any hints, what might cause this problem?

Thanks in advance,

- Dennis

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