Re: hdc: lost interrupt and very slow installation

From: Mark Hindley (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 08:10:35 EST

apparently this is a kernel issue. Any ideas?



>This is a kernel issue - it's losing interrupts from the disk controller
>and is
>having to continually reset it. It may help if you turn off IDE DMA on
>or you could ask on linux-kernel.
>Ian Redfern.
>Mark Hindley wrote:
>> I have just been installing potato into a new partition (created with fips)
>> on an i386. I keep getting the warning message hdc: lost interrupt. the
>> installation has taken ages: about 1 hour each for the kernel and base
>> installation. Surely this is not what you expect?
>> Are the 2 symptoms connected. What is the cause? I booted from the
>> installation CD in /dev/hdc. I can still/always read from it. Apart from
>> the slowness and continual messages, all seems fine!
>> I have:
>> 430TX motherboard, 64Mb SDRAM
>> Harddrive on /dev/hda
>> CDROM on /dev/hdc
>> Yamaha 4416 CD rewriter on /dev/hdd
>> Since the install is done I have not had any problems and the install of
>> packages with dselect has gone fast.
>> Hope you have a suggestion
>> Mark
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