Re: Mylex AcceleRAID 352 Ultra160 Hardware RAID Card - Root RAID installation?

From: Igmar Palsenberg (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 07:10:49 EST

> I'm trying to install Redhat 6.2 on a dual zeon 550 with 1gb ecc with a
> Mylex AcceleRAID 352 Ultra160 Hardware RAID Card. In expert mode, the
> DAC960 driver that redhat ships with doesn't work with this new model. Only
> the 2.2.8 driver from Dandelion Digital's DAC960 page will work
> (
> But the driver only comes in source format (.c and .h, with a patch). And I
> can't recompile a kernel to include it until I install the machine. The
> driver disks from RedHat don't include an updated DAC960 driver. Dandelion
> doesn't have any drivers either.
> How do I make my own RedHat 6.2 driver disk with the 2.2.8 DAC960 included?
> Or, how do I make a new rh62 boot disk that has an updated kernel with 2.2.8
> dac960 compiled in?

Please post to the appropriate list, and ask if someone is willing to do
the compile for you.


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