Re: Outgoing TCP connection problem

From: Dylan Griffiths (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 03:47:02 EST

Peter Waltenberg wrote:
> Reduce the MTU on the input side of your firewall until most sites work.
> Note: The bug probably isn't in the Linux firewall if this solves the problem ;)

I would say you were right, except for two reasons. 1) this only happens on
the initial TCP handshake (SYN, ACK). 2) The frequency of TCP "Stalls" has
noticeably increased as the number of entries in the ipchains rules set has

I don't know why outgoing connections will continously timeout consistently
for an N number of times or until a time period of a certain amount has
elapsed (which might be because there are other automatic outgoing
connections because of things such as dnetc, etc).

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