Re: Exporting calibrate_delay()

From: Erik Mouw (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 18:20:26 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> So you could compute all twelve in the driver init functions before the
> kernel loads the root fs, then the initfunc is still there

In principle, yes. However, there are a couple of versions of the
SA1100, and not all of them support all clock speeds. And you can
also safely overclock the CPU (from 221 to 236 or 250 MHz), although
that's undefined behaviour according to the data sheets. That's why
the driver currently is a module: easy configuration at insmod time.

> > How correct is that? More specifically: how sensitive are the other
> > drivers for slightly incorrect values of loops_per_sec?
> Generally pretty slack.

OK, then doing the maths sounds sane enough.


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