RLIMIT_RSS: does it do anything?

From: Brent Baccala (baccala@freesoft.org)
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 13:30:43 EST

Hi -

I've got a program (a search engine) that will mmap the whole disk if
let it, and since I want to run it on my website, I'd like to limit its
physical memory usage. "ulimit -m", corresponding to RLIMIT_RSS, seems
to be what I want (right?), but I can't figure if it actually does
on Linux.

According to "top", it doesn't seem to limit the RSS size.

Furthermore, a search on RLIMIT_RSS through the kernel source tree gets
only a few hits - the include files, the /proc filesystem entries, and,
under 2.4 only, a single check in the madvise() code.

So, my question - does RLIMIT_RSS do anything? And how should I go
about limiting this process's real memory usage?

I don't subscribe to linux-kernel, so please include me directly in
any reply to this query. Thanks.


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