Bug report: sbpcd.o module in 2.4.0-test6 ignores sbpcd= arg

From: Clemmitt Sigler (siglercm@alphamb2.phys.vt.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 08:40:22 EST

(Reposting -- this seems lost in the mailing list changeovers :^)
(I'm not subscribed, please e-mail replies directly to me)

System: PII-400, 128MB RAM, Asus P2B-F mobo, Creative Labs SB16 MCD
sound/CD interface card, Panasonic model CR-562 (old 2x proprietary
interface) CD-ROM drive.

When built into the kernel, the sbpcd driver uses the boot prompt
"sbpcd=0x250,1" (or "sbpcd=0x250,SoundBlaster") properly and finds
my Panasonic CR-562 CD-ROM drive fine.

When build as a module and inserted using modprobe or insmod,
sbpcd.o ignores the "sbpcd=0x250,1" argument string. Instead it
probes 0x340,SoundBlaster *exactly*twice* then fails. I observed
the same behavior in the (late) 2.3 kernels.

Please contact me directly for more info or any testing. Thanks.

                                        Clemmitt Sigler

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