RE: Thread Questions

From: David Schwartz (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 05:16:25 EST

> Taking off from Linus' suggestion of task-group-ids,
> why not having something like
> /proc/tgroups/<tgid>
> containg only symlinks to the dirs in /proc/<pid> for
> tasks belonging to some task-group?
> Sure, it wouldn't explain WHAT the tasks are sharing, but still...

        It may make more sense for things like /proc/pid/XXX/mem to be a symlink to
/proc/tgroups/XXX/mem. If all members of a tgroup share their fds, it makes
sense to symlink /proc/pid/XXX/fd in this manner as well.

        The problem is, the mapping of vms to tgroups is usually, but doesn't have
to be, one-to-one. Same for fds. You can artificially solve this problem
with the following rule: A call to fork preserves the existing tgroup if and
only if both the vm and fds are shared.

        This works well for the POSIX threading model but isn't exactly elegant.


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