ATM refcount patch!

From: Rogier Wolff (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 02:41:16 EST


I moved the refcount admin to the "surroundings".

The truth of the matter is that it is a mess. A bunch of ATM drivers
claim not to be able to unloaded. So those still "MOD_INC_USE_COUNT"
themselves, to block the unload.

Similarly, I'm not sure what to do with phy drivers. Should they (as a
module) be loaded before or after the SAR driver? Of course we want
the same move of refcount from the module itself to the callers.

Anyway, the attached patch works for the SAR drivers, as far as I
could test them. I have none of the ATM cards in the standard kernel,
just one that I'm just finishing off the driver for.

I have 5 items on my todo list, one of which is this. The others have
been coded, but need a bit more testing. Probably a patch later today.
(After approval from Fujitsu).


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