Re: acenic panics on DHCP

From: Jes Sorensen (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 09:59:02 EST

>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy A DeWees <> writes:

Timothy> First post so slam/flame me if I go off subject (be kind we
Timothy> were all virgin posters at once) I am using a 3Com 3C985b on
Timothy> the 2.2.14 kernel (I am running the driver as a module). If
Timothy> the card currently has a network connection (i.e. I plugged
Timothy> the dumb thing in), it works fine whether I give it an IP, or
Timothy> I use DHCP; however, when I do not have a network connection
Timothy> and I use DHCP I get a kernel panic. The simplest solution
Timothy> is to just plug the dumb thing in and not use DHCP, and this
Timothy> is what I have done; however, since the industry we work in
Timothy> doesn't accept any failure (My boss says "Fix it"), I need a
Timothy> solution.

This is a known bug (fixed by Chip Salzenberg), you need the latest
driver version for it which you can get from


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