test5 - two issues (apm, maestro2e)

From: volodya@mindspring.com
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 00:54:46 EST

Inspiron 5000:

 1. For some reason APM power off is not working. It worked with 2.2.14

 2. This is more envolved to explain. I have a dual boot system Win98 and
Linux. When Win98 boots it starts a small driver maestro.com.

   It used to be that when I reboot from Linux 2.2.14 the driver will hang
for a minite or less and then continue - apparently waiting for some
timeout to expire. There was no delay if I booted straigt into windows
after powering up. Linux had no problems.

  However in test5, the linux driver now exibits the same behaviour -
when I try to modprobe maestro.o it hangs - and the timeout does _not_
expire. That is if I boot straight into Linux it goes fine, but if I boot
into Linux, reboot and get into Linux again there is a hang. Ctrl-Alt-Del
seems to have no effect so I guess the interrupts are disabled.

  I tried to look in maestro source code but don't seem to be able to find
a place which waits for timeout (except those i<10000 things, which seem
to be fine as they go _after_ the driver prints some message - I don't see
any). So advice wanted :))

                   thanks !!

                         Vladimir Dergachev

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