VM: Out of curiosity...

From: jmcmullan@linuxcare.com
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 21:21:48 EST

        Out of pure stupidity and curiosity, how hard would it
be to abstract-out the VM layer and modularize it (like
the network fair-scheduling algos...)?

        I would guess such a interface might look like the
following off-the cuff code, and could be selected at
compile-time or (Holy Deadlocks, Batman!) runtime via

        (A module VM replacement would be: (old=old VM, new=new VM)
                a) release all swap areas
                b) lock kernel, block all interrupts.
                c) new->init(1)
                d) old->stop()
                e) start interrupts, unblock kernel.
                f) (user-land can re-add the swap areas)
                g) user-land can rmmod() old VM.
--------------------- off-the-cuff code ----------------------------

typedef unsigned long phys_off_t;
typedef unsigned long virt_off_t;

typedef void *vmmu_swap_h;

#define PAGE_BITS 12 /* 4 K Pages */
#define PAGE_SIZE (1<<PAGE_BITS)

typedef enum vmmu_page_t={
                VMMU_RESERVED=0, /* Unusable pages (initial default) */
                VMMU_DMA, /* DMAable pages */
                VMMU_IO, /* IO (non-memory) pages (readl(), etc) */
                VMMU_RAM, /* Standard ram */
                VMMU_RAM_NOSWAP, /* Locked ram (ie, kernel code) */
                VMMU_SWAP, /* Returned when asking the phys addr of a
                                                         * swapped-out page */

struct vmmu_struct {
        /* init: Set up any structures/kernel treads that may be needed.
         * If migrate is true, walk the kernel task_list, SHM
         * segments, io ranges, etc, and build the private VMMU info.
         * Otherwise, assume that the arch will send the appropriate
         * set_page_range() calls.
         * stop: Kill any kernel threads, drop any self-allocated memory
        int (*init)(int migrate);
        int (*stop);

        /* on_idle: Optional function. If not null, this is called
         * before the kernel idle loop.
        void (*on_idle)(void);

        /* Set a range of pages to a type. Used in initial arch setup.
        int (*set_page_range)(phys_off_t start,unsigned pages,vmmu_page_t type);

        /* Allocate and deallocate page ranges
        virt_off_t (*get_dma_pages)(unsigned pages,int is_contiguous);
        virt_off_t (*get_io_pages)(phys_off_t start,unsigned pages,int rw);
        virt_off_t (*get_pages)(struct task_struct *task,unsigned pages);
        int (*free_pages)(virt_off_t addr,unsigned pages);

        /* get_page_info: Given a virtual address, get the type and physical
         * page address (if valid for that page type)
        int (*get_page_info)(virt_off_t page,vmmu_page_t *type,phys_off_t *addr);

        /* add_swap: Using an open file or device, looks for a swap signatue,
         * and adds to the VM pool. Returns a opaque handle
         * to the allocated swap.
         * remove_swap: Given a handle from add_swap, maps in all swap from
         * the swap area (if possible), and closes the associated file.
        vmmu_swap_h (*add_swap)(struct file *file,int priority);
        int (*remove_swap)(vmmu_swap_h area);

        /* lock_pages: lock pages into ram (if possible)
         * unlock_pages: Allow pages to be swappable.
        int (*lock_pages)(virt_off_t addr,unsigned pages);
        int (*unlock_pages)(virt_off_t add,unsigned pages);


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