xmms and es1371 produce static impulse about five times per second

From: Thomas E. Vaughan (vaughan@tensor.nssl.noaa.gov)
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 18:29:45 EST

Here is a copy of the bug report that I sent into the Debian project
because of misbehavior of xmms. I amd forwarding it to linux-kernel
because I didn't notice the problem until after I upgraded from 2.2.16 to
2.4.0-test5. I am using the stock es1371 module.

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From: vaughan <vaughan@tensor.nssl.noaa.gov>
To: Debian Bug Tracking System <submit@bugs.debian.org>
Subject: static impulse about five times per second
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Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 18:24:32 -0500

Package: xmms
Version: 1.2.2-1
Severity: normal

Although I initially noticed this problem with the helix version, I
installed the current woody version and found the same problem. I didn't
notice it until after I upgraded to kernel 2.4.0-test5 (from 2.2.16), and
so there may be kernel-related or sound-module-related issues.

Anyway, I can play wav files just fine. Even the long samples that I can
get to from the sound section of the gnome control panel play perfectly
well. But xmms, playing an mp3, produces an audible impulse of static
about five times per second or so. Almost like machine gun fire
superimposed on top of the music.

As you can see from my lsmod output, I am running the es1371 (non-OSS)
sound driver that came with the stock kernel.

Module Size Used by
mga 53816 1
nfsd 43504 8 (autoclean)
es1371 24136 2
ac97_codec 7108 0 [es1371]
soundcore 358810840 [es1371]

-- System Information
Debian Release: woody
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux tensor 2.4.0-test5 #3 Wed Aug 2 08:27:19 CDT 2000 i686

Versions of packages xmms depends on:
ii libc6 2.1.3-10 GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
ii libglib1.2 1.2.8-helix1 The GLib library of C routines
ii libgtk1.2 1.2.8-helix2 The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets fo
ii xlib6g 4.0.1-0phase1v6 X Window System client libraries

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Thomas E. Vaughan <thomas.vaughan@nssl.noaa.gov>
GPG public key: <http://tensor.nssl.noaa.gov/~vaughan/pubkey.asc>

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