RE: [Acpi] acpi questions (fwd)

From: Grover, Andrew (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 17:46:51 EST

> From: Garst R. Reese []
> > > 4. What does DSDT stand for?
> >
> > Differentiated System Description Table. This is where the
> motherboard's
> > resources are described, in Acpi Machine Language (AML).
> Is there a way to build a correct substitute? The motherboard's
> resources are
> known.
> If not, then I think it is a bug to treat acpi as working on this
> machine, and it should have reverted to apm.

Microsoft basically does this when installing the OS:

if (on good bios list)
        install in ACPI mode
else if (bios date after x)
        install in ACPI mode
        install in APM/legacy mode

Note that they do this at system install time, so if you install in APM,
upgrade bios, you're still in APM mode.

I think the same thing is appropriate for us, but system boot may be a
better time to make the choice.

Regards -- Andy

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