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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 15:09:52 EST

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> H. Peter Anvin writes:
> > First, do the Canadian regulations apply to U.S. law as it exists on
> > the books, or it is U.S. law as it applied when the code was exported...
> The Canadian regulations never say "see US law" -- this *is* a separate
> country! -- they just state that anything exported from the US is at least
> potentially export controlled. How this would interact with things like
> the Canadian public-domain-software exemption is unclear to me.

This whole issue was because Canada has -- apparently -- agreed to
enforce U.S. law (w.r.t. "U.S." goods) in order to receieve virtually
no restrictions on U.S.->Canada exports. That obviously means,
somewhere, there is a Canadian regulation which states to what extent
Canadian authorities will enforce the export regulations imposed by
the U.S.

> Our concern is not primarily with Canadian law, by the way, but with
> users' need to be safe from allegations of US-export-law violation, now
> and in the future. Such allegations have interfered with the spread of
> PGP, for example -- lots of potential users need to have their behinds
> fully covered on legal matters.

Wasn't PGP more hampered by the RSA patent than anything else?


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