RE: FW: Crypto

From: Henry Spencer (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 13:28:06 EST

Linda Walsh <> writes:
> ...I expect the US might be able to "persuade" Canada to adopt similar
> regulations -- maybe using NAFTA as leverage. I don't think source
> in Canada is far enough away from the US to be fully safe.

Certain precautions have been taken. The project has never assumed that
Canada will remain a safe site of open-crypto development forever.

(One advantage Canada does have, something which is not likely to change
even if individual laws or regulations do: Canada does not generally
claim legal jurisdiction beyond its borders. So once something is out the
door, it's gone. The US claims that its laws apply to US citizens, and
sometimes to others too, *everywhere*.)

                                                          Henry Spencer

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