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From: Linda Walsh (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 11:36:30 EST

> I'd love to believe this, but the actions of the gov't wrt copyright
> law goes very much against this. The Sonny Bono act which extended copyright
> for another 20 years was totally retroactive. The Gutenburg Project actually
> had to remove some books that had put online because they came back under
> copyright restrictions due to the Sonny Bono act.

	That's because you couldn't distribute *new* copies.  I would 
surmise that there was zero effort to recall copies that had been

I could see that americans couldn't speak or express** coding algorithms after a new cryptography ban went into effect, but I don't see that books already sold, or programs downloaded or source given away would be affected. However, it sounds like Canada views has bowed down to the US government giving up protections for its own citizens if there has been US involvement. ** - Hey, you gotta problem? Ve don't need no stinkin' constitution. ;^/

> Then, maybe, the answer is to take advange of the opportunity > here and now to spread this as wide and as far as we possibly can so > to place it totally outside of their reach. --- This is something the FreeSWAN people should think about. If the US has already gotten Canada to negotiate away some of the Canadian's rights w/respect to crypto then, if I was Canadian, I expect the US might be able to "persuade" Canada to adopt similar regulations -- maybe using NAFTA as leverage. I don't think source in Canada is far enough away from the US to be fully safe.

> I'm sorry but... I do respect the guys on the FreeSWAN project > but they are a bit paranoid and more than a bit cowardly. --- Bzzzt. Hostile response detected at p6,l2. Exterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate <you are being attacked by oversized salt and pepper shakers>.


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