Re: Dual athlon support?

From: Thomas Zehetbauer (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 02:29:02 EST

> The BP6's indended market are the same people who increase their clock
> speed by 20% beyond rated and arn't at all concerned about stablility. :P
Unless you use the top line of CPUs they are very likely to work with no
problems at that speed. Almost all CPUs are manufactured in one batch and
rated according how they fit the specifications. Since slower CPUs have
a better price/benefit value they have a greater demand so better CPUs get
often downgraded.

> For that audience, the BP6 is a great product. The frequency of it's
> crashes is but noise in constant stream of crashes of your typical
> consumer OS.
Obviously you must be referencing Windows 95/98/ME - these 'operating systems'
do not even support SMP so Abit is very well aware that the board is beeing
run with either Linux/Windows NT/Windows 2000/FreeBSD/BeOS/....

> BP6 is great as long as you forget about the broken onboard HPT366...
I am experiencing constant lockups with my BP6 / SCSI only setup.
Thanks to the BP6 website I finally figured out that I am stuck with
revision 1.1 of the board where they have used another VTT voltage
regulator Q6 but did not adjust the capacitor EC10 accordingly. Thereby
they did not only disregard the manufacturers specifications for the
voltage regulator but they have also failed to test the new board for


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