[ANNOUNCE] NWFS 2.4.3 NetWare Driver and Tools Sources Released

From: Jeff V. Merkey (jmerkey@timpanogas.com)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 20:21:51 EST

This is an interim release of NWFS 2.4 that contains bug fixes and
performance enhancements.

The driver and config tools source code for NWFS version 2.4.3 is
available for download at and www.timpanogas.com. This
version corrects problems in the rename() function not zapping target
files and a file corruption problem with the TurboFAT Indexes reported
by Steven Hirsch. There is still a problem on 2.4-test5 with symlinks in
filemap.c, line 189 BUG(). Will ry to have a fix up tommorrow

I am still seeing the following linker misbehavior while linking and
building the linux 2.2.16 and 2.4.0-test5 source trees on a live NWFS
Volume, but is goes away if you simply type 'make bzImage' over again
and the make picks up where it left off. I am still tuning the page
cache interface, so I suspect the problem may lie there or I need to
release 2.5 as soon as possible with rapid mounting (which does not use
the memory intensive name hashes) ...:

BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER: ld.so: rtld.c 601: dl_main: Assertion
'_dl_rtld_map.l_libname' failed.

Jeff Merkey


NWFS is a work in progress. TRG will continue to develop enhancements
and new features to NWFS in the future. You are encouraged to report
bugs or requests for feature enhancements to jmerkey@timpanogas.com

This release supports Linux Kernels 2.0 and 2.2 and 2.4. NWFS 2.4.3
source code can be downloaded from www.timpanogas.com or FTP at

This is an interim release that contains bug fixes. The next major
release (2.5) uses a rapid mounting scheme with a journal that allows
NetWare volumes to be mounted rapidly and demand-paged rather than
needing to read the entire volume directory and name hashes into memory.
The 2.5 version reduces memory usage to @ 1/80th of what we are using
at present. 2.5 also supports files up to 256 tera-bytes in size
depending on the OS architecture (Linux looks like 1TB max).


This release corrects a bug in the TurboFAT indexes that could cause file
corruption. TurboFAT's keep a sliding pointer into the FAT chains of an
NWFS volume for rapid sequential file access. This index stores the cluster offset and index last used by a read, write, or truncate to a fat chain. There
was one case where a hash element could get reused with a stale TurboFAT
index that pointed to the previous file's fat chain. This bug has been

This release also corrects a bug in the rename() function. This function
was coded to exhibit NetWare behavior, i.e. when a target file exists
under NetWare and rename is attempted, the rename fails with a
'File Exists" return code. Linux expects that the VFS above will have
already done these checks, and assumes the underlying FS will simply
delete a rename target if it already exsits. The NWFS Linux VFS functions
in create.c have been changed to reproduce this Linux specific behavior.

The bit search lists and volume segment allocators have been optimized
to reduce bit list searching to under a dozen or so probes while looking
for free suballocation blocks or clusters on a NetWare volume. This
optimization allows for very fast bit block search times even on
extremely large multi-segmented NetWare volumes.

The suballocation FAT chains also have been enabled to use TurboFAT
indexing to speed suballoc read and write operations.

We will attempt to post the page cache code and a fix for the symlink
problem on 2.4.0-test5 tommorrow.

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