Re: [OFFTOPIC]Re: FW: Crypto

From: Dax Kelson (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 15:22:40 EST

Jeff V. Merkey said once upon a time (Wed, 2 Aug 2000):

> Hey Peter,
> Related question.
> Since the patents have now expired for public/private key stuff held by
> RSA, do you know if anyone ported a PKI to Linux open sourced with the
> other crypto stuff? Is there a BSafe equivalent around now that you
> know of? If so, I can get my NDS clone out the door on Linux.
> :-)
> Jeff

The RSA patent doesn't expire until Sept 20th. We still have 49 days, 7
hours and 39 minutes to go. :)

As far as a BSafe equiv, check out

"The OpenSSL crypto library implements a wide range of cryptographic
algorithms used in various Internet standards. The services provided by
this library are used by the OpenSSL implementations of SSL, TLS and
S/MIME, and they have also been used to implement SSH, OpenPGP, and other
cryptographic standards."


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