2.2.16 - unix sockets cause process hangs

From: Michael J. Dikkema (mjd@moot.mb.ca)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 13:43:37 EST

I'm running a fairly large system here, and I've noticed that when the
system becomes fairly loaded (about 200-300 processes and ~100 tcp/ip
connections) that anything that uses unix sockets just hangs.. including
syslogd and named.

Is this a known problem? is there a kernel that I can go back to or a
patch for 2.2.16 that fixes it?

Thanks for any help.

: Michael J. Dikkema
| Programmer / Systems / Network Admin - Internet Solutions, Inc.
| http://www.moot.mb.ca Home: (204) 667-3966
; mjd@moot.mb.ca Work: (204) 982-1073

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