2.4.0-test1ff: dentry/vfsmount/list problem

From: A. Ott (ao@ao.morpork.de)
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 04:03:00 EST

Second try, first one did not seem to make it...


>From a dentry I need to find its parent dentry. As long as no mount point
is touched, no problem (dentry->d_parent). The mount point issue used to
be easily solved with a simple ->d_covers in between. Unfortunately,
d_covers has been silently removed in 2.4.0-test1.

So now my problem is the following:

- I have a dentry, which is the root dentry of a filesystem.
- I want to access the (first) mount point dentry and go on to its parent

I have already experimented for hours with the list
dentry->d_sb->s_mounts, struggling with vfsmounts, list_entries and such.
My idea was to use

tmp_mnt =
 list_entry(&(dentry->d_sb->s_mounts.next), struct vfsmount, mnt_list);
new_dentry = tmp_mnt->mnt_mountpoint;

but that does not work, the new_dentry value is bogus.

I would appreciate any help. I already found a short doc about the now
used list management in linux-kernel, which at least gave me some
understanding and took me where I am now.

BTW: WHY do such fundamental changes in kernel mechanisms (lookup_dentry
-> path_walk, dentries -> nameidata with vfsmounts, sb->s_mounts with
undocumented lists of these new vfsmount structs) take place in the last
steps prior to a new stable series? I'd have liked to support 2.4.0 with
RSBAC as soon as it comes out, but I don't see that happen now.


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