Re: linux kernel docs

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 10:16:26 EST

> tools for docbook are a complete disaster. (Has anyone actually looked
> at the documentation of Jade?!?) Linuxdoc may be politically incorrect
> these days, but its tools for processing it are far better than Docbook
> at the moment.

The issue isnt political correctness but design correctness here. DocBook
properly labels content not style, which Linuxdoc isnt doing right.

> So before someone starts pushing Docbook yet again, could that person
> work to make the Docbook tools *better*, instead of just pushing the
> Format That Will Solve World Hunger on to hapless victims that have to
> suffer the horrors of Jade? (I will note that there *still* isn't a
> docbook to txt conversion Open Source solution, whereas linuxdoc has
> such a tool already.)

I wonder how all my docbook files got converted into ascii. Actually there
are several two stage answers
        db2html, lynx -dump
        db2rtf then rtf2ascii

As to Jade - it works, it does the job. Its a complete horror to install but
thats ok because you get the rpms or debs for it.


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