[PATCH] DCC resume support for ip_masq_irc.c

From: S. Shore (sshore@escape.ca)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 23:03:31 EST


This is another patch to support DCC resume in ip_masq_irc.c, and this one
should support multiple connections.

Summary of operation:

- When DCC RESUME is received, the address and port are used to find an
existing listening masq port. If found, the external address and port are
replaced with the internal address and port.

- When DCC ACCEPT is received, an existing connection is again used, if

The patched source compiles with two warnings that can safely be ignored.

Unfortunately, I have no machine to test this patch on. Please test the
patch and let me know if it works. (By all rights it should work, it's
simple enough..)

Scottie Shore | "Experience is the worst teacher -
<sshore@escape.ca> | it teaches you what you need to know
                             | after you needed to know it."

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