RE: Re: [PATCH] removal of unnecessary irq save/restore in tasklet_hi_schedule

Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 00:19:01 EST

>> I thought this depended on whether SA_INTERRUPT is passed or is this not
>> the case anymore (it was the case in 2.2.x). I.e.
>SA_INTERRUPT is deprecated, as it fundamentally cannot work with shared
>interrupts (or at least they all have to _agree_ on SA_INTERRUPT, which
>basically means that you have to know exactly the type of sharing. Ugh).
>And non-shared interrupts are _definitely_ deprecated, unless the hardware
>really forces you to use them. That kind of hardware is getting quite
>rare. Thank God.
>That said, SA_INTERRUPT still works, but it's really only meant to be used
>for the timer handler (you don't want the timer to be interruptible: it's
>fast, and at least the SCSI layer historically wanted the timer to tick
>_while_ a SCSI interrupt is active, so you must not have a SCSI interrupt
>interrupt the timer, because if that happens..)

I think this ScsI uglyness is gone these days... I converted seagate.c to use delay loops because now SCSI calls driver with interrupts disabled...

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