Re: RLIM_INFINITY inconsistency between archs

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 16:50:47 EST

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H. Peter Anvin <> wrote:
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>> Why? As I said you can use a glue layer. Note that you still
>> cannot mix /usr/include/net and /usr/src/linux/include/net anyway,
>> so clashes will always exist with the current system.
>> I agree it should probably be fixed.

No need to shout, I did say I agreed with you ;)

>because you have no data
>types to carry around the semantic contents in. You really *DO* need
>to mix both types.

Yes. So it should be fixed, right? Perhaps in 2.5 then we should
look into:

- moving kernel headers around: linux/include now contains

  o linux
  o asm
  o net
  o scsi
  o video

  To make sure we _can_ use libc headers and kernel headers we must
  eliminate clashes. linux/include/net isn't the same as /usr/include/net,
  same goes for /usr/include/scsi etc. So it's probably best to move
  everything one level to:

  o linux/kernel/*.h (this was most of linux/*.h)
  o linux/public/*.h (contains public interfaces to the kernel)
  o linux/asm/*.h
  o linux/net/*.h
  o linux/scsi/*.h
  o linux/video/*.h

  Hmm, perhaps that is not nessecary. If we're going to have a
  linux/public hierarchy, you wouldn't need the rest of the
  headers anyway, so they don't need to be moved. Cool ;)

- We need a script in /lib/modules/version/kernel-config that prints
  the CFLAGS used to compile that kernel on stdout to compile modules.

Now, I think that all of this has been mentioned before on this
list, those are not completely my ideas. Somebody mentioned marking
structures/defines/etc that need to be exported with a special
comment so that a script could generate a set of headers with the
public interfaces. That is about the same as the public/ idea,
and perhaps a bit easier, since it wouldn't annoy the hell out
of all those device driver writers that see the interface change again..


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