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From: Crossfire (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 18:34:32 EST

Problems with IDE-SCSI-Emulation

My PC has two IDE-CDROM drives and one IDE-CDRW-Writer,
all drives are connected to my onboard ide-controller, only my second
is connected to the IDE-interface of my Soundblaster 16 PnP. Everything
worked well with the old
2.2.xx or 2.0.xx kernels but now with my 2.4.xx kernel the
scsi-emulation reports that my
CD-ROM connected to my Soundblaster doesn't function ! I get several
messages like
scsi drive not ready, ... and this drive doesn't function as long as i
compile the scsi-emulation
into the kernel. With the atapi-driver it works well and also with the
old scsi-emulation of the
older kernels!

I hope this report is useful and pray that this little bug might be

Thanks, Christoph Cullmann :-)

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