Re: Good luck when RedHat 7.0 comes out (was RE: test5 oops after kswapd)...

From: Matthias Andree (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 12:14:19 EST

On Tue, 01 Aug 2000, Jes Sorensen wrote:
> Thats totally irrelevant, gcc-2.95.2 whether it's considered a release
> or not is unable to compile the 2.2.x kernels - well known issue that
> will not get fixed. One should not do that it's as simple as that.

I'm compiling my 2.2 kernels ever since gcc-2.95.2 came out without any
problems, so the "gcc-2.95.2 cannot compile 2.2.x kernels" cannot apply
to many of the subsystems that I'm using. No crashes, no lockups that
are not hardware-related, no oopses. So why should I use egcs 1.1.2 if
2.95.2 does the job? There is no reason NOT to use that latest gcc

In turn, if 2.96alpha breaks the kernel, then somebody should have a
look if it's the compiler or the kernel, and in case file a bug report,
the earlier, the better. But that's an entirely different issue than
shipping an alpha gcc with Red Hat's RawHide.

Matthias Andree

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