Re: Good luck when RedHat 7.0 comes out (was RE: test5 oops after kswapd)...

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 10:44:49 EST

> Matthias> I just checked the GCC home page, it's showing 2.95.2 as
> Matthias> release. If you're using alpha software and it breaks, tough
> Matthias> luck.
> Thats totally irrelevant, gcc-2.95.2 whether it's considered a release
> or not is unable to compile the 2.2.x kernels - well known issue that
> will not get fixed. One should not do that it's as simple as that.

It seems fine with 2.2.17pre. Note also the problems are as far as can
be identified all the kernel not gcc.


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