Re: kernel bug in sched.c

From: James Simmons (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 08:33:20 EST

> Corey> this bug seems to be related to running XGGI on a fbdev device
> Corey> (running multiple matrox G200 cars) and using the USB drivers.
> Corey> (running a USB keyboard and a USB mouse, with /dev/input/mouse0
> Corey> and /dev/input/event0 interfaces). (using OHCI USB device)
> Corey> when i run XGGI this seems to happen every once in a
> Corey> while... havne't gotten it to where i can reliably do it yet,
> Corey> but will let you know when i can.
> Try running a known to be good X server like the SVGA or FBDev one on
> it.

Ha Ha Ha. Thank you for the good laugh. Before you make a comment like
that I suggest you take a long look at the XFree86 code. You will think
twice before you make a remark like that. See the thing is XGGI already
supports the /dev/event interface. Something XF4 will get around to
someday. So he doesn't really have a choice here.

Personally. Their are really no good up to date X servers out their.
XFree86 is a piece of &$#*. XGGI lacks any kind of graphics support. The
commerical X servers are the best X servers out their but they have a
hard time keeping up with changes in the linux community. Sometimes I
really like to see another open source X server group form. Starting from
scratch they would do a 100 times better job than XFree86.

Q: Why did they deprecate a.out support in linux?
A: Because a nasty coff is bad for your elf.

James Simmons [] ____/|
fbdev/console/gfx developer \ o.O| =(_)= U

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