Motorola sm56PCI Winmodem driver ,Technical Doc- Do you have it?[REW in particular]

From: Madan A S (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 04:38:36 EST

    I have recently bought sm56pci Motorola winmodem .
I have already seen . When I visited driver wasn't there .

1.Could anyone point me wherein I can get the driver ?
2.Do you have any URL and developers mail address wherein I can see the work
done on other winmodems ? Ex.Lucent Winmodems
3.Where can get Technical Documentation for SM56PCI winmodem ? Do Motorola
people appreciate it .

    Any help in this regard would be greately appreciated . I wish your
answers/comments posted to the list be personally CC'ed me .
Madan A S

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