RE: kernel bug in sched.c

From: Dunlap, Randy (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 23:55:15 EST

Similar to what Jes said, can you weed out some of
the variables, or is that impossible with your
system config?

Test without XGGI: results?
Test without USB: results?
Test without isapnp: results?
Test without tcic (pcmcia): results?

Test with/without combinations of above....


> My new 2.4.0-test4 kernel has been crashing out and sometimes
> rebooting. I captured the following message:
> Aiee, killing interrupt handler
> Scheduling in interrupt
> kerneI BUG at sched.c:680!
> invalid operand: 0000
> ...
> ...
> Process XGGI
> ...
> ...
> Code: 0f 0b 8d 65 dc 5b 5e 5f 89 ec 5d c3 55 89 e5 83 ec 14 57 56
> now, for what i was doing.... :)
> this bug seems to be related to running XGGI on a fbdev
> device (running multiple matrox G200 cars) and using the USB
> drivers. (running a USB keyboard and a USB mouse, with
> /dev/input/mouse0 and /dev/input/event0 interfaces).
> (using OHCI USB device)
> when i run XGGI this seems to happen every once in a while...
> havne't gotten it to where i can reliably do it yet, but will
> let you know when i can.
> how this relates to the scheduler, i have no clue, and don't
> really know what else to do :)
> attached is a file with the output of "dmesg", and a copy of
> my kernel config file, in case they help.
> Corey Sweeney

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