kswapd in 2.2.17-pre6 vs. 2.2.16

From: I Lee Hetherington (ilh@sls.lcs.mit.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 09:16:56 EST

I was running a simple stress test program that basically memsets 1.5GB
of memory continously on a 1GB dual 866MHz Xeon machine. With
2.2.17-pre6 I see kswapd consuming about 66% of a CPU, whereas with
2.2.16 + Alan's combo fixes kswapd doesn't even show up in top. I was
also seeing higher throughput with this test with 2.2.16.

One other difference is that with 2.2.17-pre6 I have CONFIG_2GB=y to use
all of my 1GB, whereas in 2.2.16 I had CONFIG_1GB instead.

Were there VM changes that could be responsible?

--Lee Hetherington

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