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From: Werner Almesberger (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 02:06:18 EST wrote:
> You do not convince me there is anything special with your case.

As I said, that's okay - I've arrived at a satisfactory solution, and
whatever made the JUMPON, etc. procedure fail in my case, be it human
error, other firmware problems, subtle hardware defect, or neighbours
playing with strong magnets, doesn't seem to be a common enough case
to justify a closer examination.

Besides, that system is now split into two separate, problem-free
machines, so trying to reproduce the problem wouldn't be easy.

> Read my text, and afterwards comment.

One data point from my experiments:

  "the BIOS will hang, and booting is impossible, even when the disk
   is removed from the CMOS settings"

In my case, the BIOS hung if the disk was in the CMOS settings, but
it proceeded correctly to the boot procedure if it wasn't. Of course,
you can only boot iff there is a) a bootable second hard disk, or b)
a bootable floppy disk. In the latter case, Linux didn't notice the
presence of the IDE subsystem (using some later 2.3 kernel, probably
2.3.99-pre3) unless I also connected a second hard disk.

> Today it is no longer necessary to grope around blindly.

Except maybe for a heavy blunt object when JUMPON.EXE tells you that
the jumper in front of your nose does not exist ;-)

- Werner

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