Re: Ramdisk problem

From: Goswin Brederlow (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 16:04:26 EST

>>>>> " " == Meng, David <> writes:

> Hi George and all: I am using a cross compiler to build a
> ramdisk. For the first try, I linked the init, busybox, bash

crosscompiling is ugly for debugging. :(

> and tinylogin statically. They can work. And then, I build a
> hello apps into the ramdisk wit dynamic link. I also put all
> the libraries from my cross compiler(glibc-2.1.3) into the
> ramdisk /lib directory. I set the permission 777 for the hello
> executable. After the linux and ramdisk are up, I tried to
> execute the hello. I got an error message like following:
> bash: ./hello: No such file or directory. If I statically link
> the hello, it works fine.

You seem to be missing some library. If any library (or library needed
by another library) isn't loadable, you get this error.

Maybe you forgot ?

Compile youe hello program and run "ldd hello" to see what libraries you

> I do not understand why the dynamic linked hello can not work.
> I believe there are some issues how to use the shared
> libraries. Would you or any one else let me know if you meet
> the same problems when building a ramdisk? I appreciate any
> response for this message. Thanks a lot. David Meng
No such problems (except like forgetting libs or wrong permissions).

What architecture are you building for? Do you have a linux on that
system, so you can setup a chroot to the ramdisk to be? Using chroot
is a quick way to test if a ramdisk would work.


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