Re: kswapd eating too much CPU on ac16/ac18

From: Cesar Eduardo Barros (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 14:43:18 EST

> Please try to remove only this test to get a comparable result.

I nuked the whole block:

                 * Page is from a zone we don't care about.
                 * Don't drop page cache entries in vain.
                if (page->zone->free_pages > page->zone->pages_high) {
                        /* the page from the wrong zone doesn't count */
                        goto unlock_continue;

Commenting it out made ac19 perform almost as good as ac4 (it looked a bit

I don't know how it would affect boxes with more than one zone, but my gut
feeling is that it won't hurt and might make them even a bit faster.

Cesar Eduardo Barros

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