linux-2.4.0test1-ac19: CONFIG_VIDEO_CPIA_USB cannot be selected initially

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 17:36:31 EST

        linux-2.4.0test1-ac19/drivers/block/ only asks about
CONFIG_VIDEO_CPIA_USB if CONFIG_USB != n. Unfortunately, this is before
CONFIG_USB is set. So, the initial configuration (before the user has
a .config), processes arch/i386/defconfig, which scripts/Configure
translates to CONFIG_USB=n.

        The simplest way to kludge around this problem is to default
CONFIG_USB=m or CONFIG_USB=y in arch/i386/defconfig (and the other
architecture files as well). Since USB seems only to be available
through interfaces that can be relatively safely probed like PCI and
PCMCIA, and since just about every computer being made has USB, and
since a lot of hardware is migrating toward it, it seems to me that
ordinary users will expect it to be configured by default, and the
cost of including it is small.

        However, the correct fix, which should be done in addition to
the above, would be to rearrange the configuration questsions so that
CONFIG_USB is set by the user before its value is checked.

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