Re: Linux 2.2.17pre3

From: Khimenko Victor (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 07:06:33 EST

In <> Ben Pfaff ( wrote:
> Alan Cox <> writes:

>> > It seems to me that such a device could be designed to not need
>> > modification of the keyboard itself. Instead, it would look a
>> > little like a PS2->AT adapter, or it could even *be* one of them
>> > too; you would insert it between the computer and the keyboard.
>> > With USB it might be even easier: just plug in a dongle to a USB
>> > port.
>> So you are going to sit in the office in question with a hacksaw sawing
>> up a cable and soldering things in ?

> My intention was that it would be a pass-through: you plug the
> cable from the keyboard into one end and plug the other end of
> the device into the keyboard port. Then actually installing it
> would be trivial: reach behind the machine, pull out the keyboard
> cable, plug in the device, plug the keyboard cable into the
> device.

> Actually making the device itself would be nontrivial,

Yeah, not trial -- you'll need two days (or perhaps three?) using right
tool (small change in EEPROM for pedals from will
be enough).

> but it would not be necessary to make it in the office in question; make
> it outside on your own time and carry it in. Or is this office
> one where you are frisked for this sort of thing as you go in?
> To me, this is just an intellectual game; I don't know anything
> about this sort of office.

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