Re: big disks and old BIOS

From: Werner Almesberger (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 02:47:40 EST wrote:
> Have you looked at the url I indicated?

Probably ... I did a fairly exhaustive search back then. I just
checked, and it doesn't mention anything I haven't tried.

> There I mention the exception of early Maxtor drives just
> above 33.8 GB, and that Maxtor provides a utility JUMPON.EXE
> that makes the jumper behave as I described.
> Have you run this utility?

Yes, and as far as I remember, it simply claimed that - contrary
to clearly visible evidence - the drive did not support such a
jumper. As I said, I was expecting trouble, but it was still
surprising to see it fight back that hard ;-)

What I found a little annoying is that Gigabyte don't have an
update for that BIOS, so if my hack had not worked, the only
choices would have been to buy a 3rd party BIOS upgrade, a new
mainboard, or maybe a disk controller with its own BIOS.

Anyway, I've since moved it to a PC with a more modern BIOS (and
a mainboard from a different vendor), and there it works without

- Werner

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